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Now everyone knows I’m a Miami Dolphin fan and have been suspiciously quiet about the goings on the Dolphin locker room. I haven’t said a whole lot mostly because of shame and the fact that like most I still have lots of questions. The first is what happened to make Johnathan Martin walk away from a half a million dollar contract? Despite the criticism from the macho meatheads, this was no shrinking violet. He spent two years playing under Harbaugh’s smashmouth football at Stanford. He started every game last year and the first 7 this year. So whatever happened he must have felt no one on the team had his back.
Secondly, how bad is your team when Richie Ingonito is your top leader. Let’s look at the record. In college, he spat on other players, got ejected for fighting, had crucial unsportsmanlike penalties that cost his team games. He was suspended for fighting in practice. He was sent to anger management and given several second chances. Fighting off the field got him arrested. He was finally let go for fighting in the locker room (hmmm). He lasted a week at his second college. As a pro he was benched for dirty on field play then sent to the locker room for causing disturbances on the sidelines. He had the record for the most unnecessary roughness calls. He was arrested for molesting a woman at a golf tournament. To be fair he wasn’t all bad and by all accounts was a damn fine blocker and made the pro bowl but he had reputation as a hot head on and off the field. This is not a leader.
Now he says about the language that “this was the nature of their relationship” I guess that’s what he thinks relationships are made of (see bellow). He talks about the 1000’s of texts between him and JM and that it goes both ways. Let’s say you call me names and dog me so I replay in kind to prove I’m not “soft”. Then you keep it up even though I tell you to knock it off. That’s not “going both ways” nor is it a reciprocal relationship. Even if I could forgive the racial stuff, the comments about family were way beyond the pale.
We still have yet to hear completely from Johnathan but we will soon.
The bottom line is this foolishness has cost two men their jobs (more to follow) and tonight (Nov. 11, 2013) you saw the true effect. It cost the team games. Not just the losing to an 0-8 team but playing so badly in the first quarter. It totally embarrassed the Dolphin organization and the NFL. People are asking “is this normal” for and NFL locker room. The answers are coming in “yes” and “no”.
Whatever the outcome, the NFL and the individual teams should say “no more”. Look I get it, rookies get some initial initiation. That has to stop after training camp. Once you’re on the team, you’re on THE TEAM. You unite and cover each others’ back. Everyone carries their own equipment (unless they get hurt). Everyone pays for their own meals (I’m sure the IRS could have field day with some of that). They need to stop the shenanigans and focus on doing the job they were hired to do and that the fans pay to see. The rest is nonsense. Oh, uh oh, whoa! I just fell off my soapbox.


Johnathan Martin, Incognito


Paula Deen

No, this is not another rant about Paula Deen and her use of the “n” word, whenever she used it.  This is about the shameful tactic that she took to defend herself that wealthy European southerners often use when they find themselves in trouble.  They play the “hick card”.   This is when they use folksy language to pretend that they are just poor uneducated rural folks that don’t know any better. Now for years we’ve heard what a savvy business woman Ms. Deen was.  We were told about how when faced with a divorce and two boys to raise, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps.  She had the boys delivering her homemade sandwiches which eventually led to The Lady and Sons.  Thus began the grand empire that became Paula with her recipes, cooking shows, cookbooks, restaurants and utensils.  She was a culinary tour de force.  She skillfully navigated the Savannah social scene.

Now we find out out it “weren’t necessarily so.”   She worked with her African-American cook who helped her build recipes and her empire but rarely increased her salary.  Other European cooks were hired at a higher rate.  Reports are that the cook was paid $10 and hour until an EEOC complaint was filed and then one of her son’s hired the cook at $70,000 a year.  Ms. Deen reportedly used racially divisive language and plantation mentality to run her businesses.  She turned a blind eye to the illegal things going on in the restaurant she bought her brother, Bubba (which she is still 51% owner).  It is this that got her involved in the law suite that brought down the house of Deen.

Now caught excusing “jokes as just jokes”, and sexist activities as “that’s what men folk do,” she’s lost millions in contracts and endorsements.  Her response when all of this comes down on her, “I is what I is.”  This is her pretending to be a poor ignorant southerner who just doesn’t know any better.   Remember, this was the scrappy hard working independent woman who who built an empire; who had two top Food Network TV shows; who savvy enough to sell America on cooking with butter again; who cooked for princes and presidents.  Now she want’s to plead ignorance of labor laws and fair labor standards.  What is shocking to me is that the so-called news media (where’s Will McEvoy when we need him) is still focusing on the “n” word spoken supposedly years ago (not more recent as indicated in the deposition) and totally ignoring the real reason behind the law suit.  This law suit was brought on by a European American employee because of the hostile work environment created by Ms. Deen’s treatment of African-American employees and the sexual harassment of her brother, Bubba.  Ms. Deen even tried to fight the suit claiming that Ms. Jackson (the plaintiff) could not claim racial discrimination because, she was of European heritage (white).   Fortunately, the court saw through that and realized that like with sexual harassment, you don’t have to be the direct object of the discrimination in order to be victimized by it.

So what I say is, to Paula,… Ms. Deen, quit it.  Grow up and be the adult you are.  Stop hiding behind the mythical image of the ignorant southerner and be the proud woman we know you can be.  Admit your mistakes and make a real apology not celebrapology.  Vow to change make the necessary improvements in your restaurants.  Do right by people.  If you really want clear things with the public, go on Oprah or better yet, let me interview you on Google + Hangouts on Air.  I won’t be mean but I will ask the tough questions until they are answered.  I will also listen and reiterate your strong points.

To the news media, please cover the full story and not just the salacious headlines.  To the public, learn to use the internet and research.  The deposition is available on line and you can read it for yourself.